‘Stab in the heart’: GF ticket drama enrages Pies fans

‘Stab in the heart’: GF ticket drama enrages Pies fans

Collingwood members are confused, devastated and calling for action amid a ticket controversy that’s erupted ahead of the AFL grand final.

Priority-one Magpies members paid almost $1000 for a membership that guaranteed them a grand final ticket, but some have been left with “standing room” tickets, some will have obstructed views and others have missed out altogether.

There are even instances of priority-two and priority-three members ending up better off than priority-one members.

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Ticketek brushed off all blame being directed its way, claiming allocated tickets for the grand final were the responsibility of the Magpies and the AFL.

“This is something that is so big in our lives,” Collingwood member Kerryn Sharpe told 9News Melbourne.

“I have been a single parent and struggled and worked 60-70-hour weeks and the one thing I’ve always kept going is my membership.”

Collingwood member Christine Gallace said she was “really, really cross”.

“Standing all day for me is not acceptable. I’m 68,” she told 9News Melbourne.

Collingwood supporters in full voice. (Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

The fact that some priority-two and priority-three members are set for a better grand final experience than priority-one members has crushed Sharpe.

“That’s like a stab in the heart for you,” Sharpe said.

“I’m asking the AFL to recall all those tickets and re-ticket everything. They have time to do it,” Gallace added.

“Not just for me and my friends; for all the members out there who have been by this club’s side for the last 20 years,” Sharpe said.

Ticketek defended itself in a statement ahead of Collingwood’s clash with Brisbane at the MCG.

“We’re aware of some members contacting the Collingwood Football Club and the AFL in regards to the grand final ballot,” the statement said.

“The ballot process ran as per the instruction from the AFL, Collingwood Football Club and the MCG without issue.”

Collingwood has 106,470 members and Brisbane has 54,676.

The Magpies qualified for the decider by beating Greater Western Sydney by one point, while the Lions advanced in a 16-point victory over Carlton.

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