Mewis: USWNT will keep pushing boundaries

Mewis: USWNT will keep pushing boundaries

Manchester City midfielder Sam Mewis insists her USA team-mates are still using their platform to push for “for a better world”.

The US National Women’s Team (USNWT) have been at the forefront of the battle for equal pay between men and women in their country, whilst also vocally backing the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Being a part of this team, you’re constantly surrounded by women that want to push the boundaries and demand better treatment, better pay; whatever it may be,” Mewis told Sky Sports‘ Women’s Football Show.

“I’ve learned how important it is to advocate for yourself and for others who may not be in as powerful a position. Not only is everyone super-competitive but we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to create a better world around us.”

Mewis is now lending her support to matters in the UK, helping Manchester City with their Same Goals campaign, which is designed to aid girls’ access to football.

“There are stigmas about girls playing football,” she said. “One thing Manchester City are trying to do is help with equipment. But it’s clear in some areas [that] just sending a ball isn’t going to make enough of a difference, which is why education is important.”

Mewis, who is currently recovering from an ankle injury that forced her to miss the USA’s SheBelieves Cup campaign in Orlando, moved to Manchester City from North Carolina Courage in the summer after doubts about the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Mewis says the US National Women’s Team (USNWT) is an ‘inspiring group to be a part of’ as they try to push ‘for a better world’

Despite coming to the UK on the back of two wins over England with her country, including in the World Cup semi-final, she says it was not the potential banter that daunted her but the calibre of superstar in the changing room.

However, she is now one of three members of the successful world-beating USA squad at City along with Rose Lavelle and Abby Dahlkemper.

“The names are such huge names in women’s football I came in a little intimidated,” she said. “[I was thinking] ‘I hope they like me, I hope they think I’m good, I hope they think I’m good enough to play here’.

“It’s been really fun getting to know them personally and it’s really funny as Keira [Walsh], Rose [Lavelle] and Georgia [Stanway] will joke about when we next play England if we’re going to have a giggle or not but it’s funny to think about going to play each other now. It’s really cool.”

“When you’re in a new environment it’s really helpful to have someone you’re comfortable with to help. It also helps that they’re some of my closest friends, so having that little piece of home with me has made the transition a lot easier.”

Mewis’ deal at Manchester City expires at the end of the season but she insists “it is too early” to say what will happen next in her career.

“I have a lot of good options,” she said. “Whatever ends up happening is a win-win, I’ve enjoyed my time here a lot so far so we’ll see what happens.”

“Not being able to experience things outside football has made us focus on football more. It would be nice to get out and do some things but in a way it’s actually helped my focus and performance. But yes, it’d be nice to go for something to eat and go for a beer.”

You can see more of our interview with Sam Mewis on the Women’s Football Show on Sky Sports Football from 6pm on Friday.

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